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Send me a Million Visitors!

OK Webmasters - what if you could get a million visitors to your site?  How much would that be worth?  Well I stumbled across a site that lets you try this for free!  You do have to give them an email address and a name, but for a million visitors - it was a no brainer for me.  But does it work?  That's exactly what I wanted to find out and here is what I have found out so far.

The signup process is easy.  First you must visit each of the seven sites that have either sponsored or signed up for the program.  By clicking on the link for each site, you are taken to the site where you can read what their product/site is all about.  After a short time a number will appear at the top of your window.  Grab that number and return to the site with the web link and enter the number in the slot provided.  Visiting the 7 sites is painless and, who knows, you may find something interesting.  After gathering your numbers, you enter your email, ad and site URL and you are done.  Stick a link on your site or go all out with google to get people to sign up.   If all of you get 10 people each - that's a million visitors to your site! 

Ok let's get real for a minute.  None of those visitors is really interested in your site.  They want the number.  True.  However, I am betting on my site to make them want to stay or come back.  The site opens in a separate window so they can easily finish setting their ad up and return to your site to explore further.  The success of this system depends on you making them want more of your site.  

Want to get started?  Here you go:  Send me a Million Visitors!


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